Your customers' experience is vital to your business

With hundreds of apps released daily into the market, you want your customers to always have the best experience. Anything less can lead to unhappy customers. That’s why it’s so important that your digital presence is both efficient and easy to use. Being good enough is no longer good enough. Many applications fail to engage with users or achieve their business goals. Oftentimes, this is due to poor UI/UX design.

Developing for functionality versus utility can lead to web or mobile apps that are confusing and hard to interact with. They fall short of meeting users’ needs and expectations, wasting significant time and money.

When designing, a digital presence, graphics, and engaging content are very important - but it’s also important to understand why users use your application and what they want from it or need it to do.

UI/UX in our software development is a full mindset – not just applying tools and techniques. We focus on the users’ needs throughout the entire app development process. We learn the users’ challenges and pains and we solve those in a simple and intuitive way.

Expeed Software focuses on designing easy-to-navigate and visually attractive software for all types of devices. Our knowledge of UI and UX and their proper deployment ensures your customers’ journey will be intuitive and simple.

Some of the many benefits of good UI / UX design in application development


Simply put, people will use and keep using a user-friendly app. Time spent upfront on UI and UX design pays off. It allows your customers to achieve their goals, while delivering a positive brand image, and high conversion rate. Users will enjoy their experience, come back again, and tell others – helping achieve your business goals.

Faster development time

You can cut engineering time spent redoing work to fix mistakes that could have been avoided. You can do this by making correct assumptions on how users will behave, interact with navigation, or even respond to a feature. Doing this leads to fewer revisions, mockups and prototypes, helping you stay on track with your release date.

Lower costs

Identifying potential problems and roadblocks in the user experience before development saves you the time and resources from having to later rewrite or fix code for functionality that doesn’t work well. In addition, good UI /UX can reduce support costs.

Faster development time

Good UX and UI design saves time in the development cycle. Mockups and prototypes iron out issues before lengthy development time has been spent. You stay on track with your release date, as you’re less likely to have to go back and redo development work.

More revenue

UI and UX design can lower customer acquisition costs and improve customer retention. It can increase the chances that your application will be well-received, worthy of downloading/purchasing. People are more likely to pay for something that works well and is easy to use. A Forrester study even noted that on average for every dollar invested in UX it returns 100.

Better customer retention

A great customer experience leads to higher satisfaction which leads to better retention. Your application not only will appeal to new users, it will keep previous user coming back. You will create loyalty and trust with your satisfied customers.

All of our projects include UI and UX. If your UI / UX don't provide a pleasurable customer experience, we can help.