Expeed Software uses a DevOps approach to software development

DevOps’ set of practices and principles knock down those barriers between software development teams and IT operations (IT/Ops) teams and improve transparency, collaboration, and the speed of product delivery to customers. Both teams have a shared sense of responsibility and have visibility into each other's work.

Main benefits of this approach:

  • DevOps ensures that product delivery is faster and better than before
  • DevOps can increase the quality of our software, as automation can detect regression issues faster
  • With both teams working together and complimenting each other, DevOps allows us to have a more stable operating environment
  • DevOps makes our resource utilization more efficient
  • DevOps allows us to have enhanced visibility into our development, especially into outcomes and systems automation
  • DevOps derives innovation, as both teams are working together and collaborating constantly that can lead to better ideas
  • Ultimately, it leads to happier customers

Make sure your project is delivered faster and better than before.