Expeed Software uses a DevOps approach to software development

DevOps’ set of practices and principles knock down those barriers between software development teams and IT operations (IT/Ops) teams and improve transparency, collaboration, and the speed of product delivery to customers. Both teams have a shared sense of responsibility and have visibility into each other's work.

The DevOps approach is specifically designed so that business innovation and process improvement are realized quickly. With an ever-evolving market - new products rolling in and competition becoming fiercer with every passing day - the importance of DevOps becomes very clear. In this era of Digital Business, it is critically important to have technology at the center of your business strategy and constantly innovate utilizing digital channels. The DevOps practices can help your organization to experiment with ideas faster and find the successful ones before your competitors.

Although one of the main efforts of a DevOps approach is to make sure that the IT/Ops and Development teams are working together and communicating with each other, one of the core values of DevOps is also customer satisfaction. The DevOps approach makes sure that products are being delivered to your customers faster than before and helps ensure they are satisfied with the value that they’re receiving. DevOps makes sure that your business’ value is reaching the end customer faster, better, and in a more secure manner.

Main benefits of this approach:

  • DevOps ensures that product delivery is faster and better than before
  • DevOps can increase the quality of our software, as automation can detect regression issues faster
  • With both teams working together and complimenting each other, DevOps allows us to have a more stable operating environment
  • DevOps makes our resource utilization more efficient
  • DevOps allows us to have enhanced visibility into our development, especially into outcomes and systems automation
  • DevOps derives innovation, as both teams are working together and collaborating constantly that can lead to better ideas
  • Ultimately, it leads to happier customers

Make sure your project is delivered faster and better than before.