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Digital transformation starts with data and ends with actionable analytics. You need a partner that has the expertise to not only talk about the implications of digital transformation, but can actually build out the structure needed to capture, convert and communicate what the data indicates about your business. Expeed Software’s Data Analytics division can design and build the infrastructure you need to get to the metrics you desire.

Our Data Analytics practice covers five key areas:


Advanced Analytics

Modern analytics now rely on an entirely new set of metrics. With the focus on the customer journey, advanced analytics needs to capture, express and predict what consumers are likely to do given specific parameters. Advanced analytics that rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning and the culmination of all customer interactions are needed to govern business decisions. While organizations recognize the value of advanced analytics, they need help in building out the framework and putting the infrastructure in place to support predictive models. Expeed Software works with clients to create comprehensive business technology solutions that deliver.n content


Business Intelligence

Applying a BI layer to your data architecture brings your data to life. Our team includes experts that can design custom BI tools, as well as implement and integrate popular BI applications. Our breadth of experience and skills enable us to provide architecture to three tenets of the big data – volume, variety and velocity. With experience in creating state of the art data warehouses and providing easy to use dashboards and visualizations, our clients have what they need to make decisions based on the facts, trends and predictions.


Big Data

As a result of major changes such as mobile computing and cloud computing the volume of data and the velocity at which enterprises are generating it has changed significantly. Traditional data management approaches such as regular relational databases and single node computing architectures are becoming bottlenecks and holding back enterprises from transforming into the digitally competitive business world. We have the skill and experience required to help you architect and implement your big data platform utilizing technologies such as Hadoop, horizontally scalable NoSQL/NewSQL databases, and streaming technologies.


Data Warehouse

We can design and develop the data warehouse that your organization needs to structure data from disparate systems. Our data architects will work with yourteam to develop the business and technical requirements and then deliver to spec.


Data Integration

With our data integration capabilities, it doesn’t matter where the data is originally housed–we can create the integrations to connect systems, comply with data security and governance policies to create the enterprise architecture needed.

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