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The Problem

The potential to transform businesses through the application of machine learning is staggering. The transformation can offload time-intensive tasks from overburdened employees to computers, enabling employees to focus on more valuable tasks. Other times a digital transformation via machine learning can assemble data in a novel manner and find patterns a human could never hope to identify, thereby enabling new capabilities.

However, implementing machine learning and data science solutions often feels like a daunting task, despite the omnipresence of modern technology. The difficulties of implementation stem from diverse sources; sometimes clients lack home-grown expertise or capacity. Other times clients simply do not have the time or resources to invest to discover a concrete value proposition or starting point.

How Expeed Software Helps

At Expeed we use our technical expertise to assist clients as they enter a brave new world of advanced analytics and machine intelligence.  We aide businesses interested in transitioning from a reactive approach to their data to a proactive stance that provides prescriptive solutions. We want to help you to spot potential fires before they happen, ensuring the right equipment is on hand at the right time to deal with emerging problems.  Success requires understanding that goes beyond calling an API and running a black box algorithm.  We translate machine-learning responses into real-world, actionable insights, through the application of a robust data-science approach.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

Computer Vision: Image and Video Analysis

  • Image Classification: Understanding whether an image belongs to one category or another is a task that often involves hundreds of hours of labor.  We have applied highly accurate automated image classification models in the healthcare and utility spaces.
  • Image Filtering: We have experience using an ensemble of models to filter streaming data, thereby assisting our clients with drastically reducing production costs for cloud-based machine learning services.
  • Object Detection: Automatically determining when a particular object of interest is in an image or video, or where in the image it is located, can be a vital task for your business process but is also a task which fatigues the human mind. We have applied a variety of techniques and neural network models to this task.
  • Optical Character Recognition/Handwriting Recognition: We use custom image processing and modern machine-learning methods to extract typed or hand-written messages from images, returning text that can be more easily processed and understood.
  • Face Detection and Facial Recognition: We have experience sifting through real-time imagery to determine when a face is present and evaluating when this face belongs to a defined category of people who ‘belong’ in the area being surveilled by cameras.
  • Video Analysis: We have expertise mining real-time video feeds to deliver insights that can help keep your business secure and up to date with the latest business intelligence.
  • Automated Feature Identification: We can help you process images for significant features, beyond simple objects, understanding which techniques are robust and reliable.

Natural Language Processing/Text Analytics

  • Text Analysis: The classification and clustering of text, based on a variety of features, enables you to quickly get the right people in your business to quickly resolve issues as they arise.
  • Streaming Analytics: We have experience delivering robust data pipelines that are capable of analyzing, in real-time, streaming text data that are significant to your business.
  • Sentiment Analysis: The feelings and impressions given by text are sometimes just as important as the actual words. For example, how, in general, are your customers feeling based on their interactions with your representatives?  We can provide accurate and automated analysis to help improve your customer engagement.
  • Topic Modeling: The ability to quickly understand, in broad terms, what a person is talking about without having employees comb through every word is incredibly valuable.  We have expertise in Natural Language Processing techniques to help you to identify key themes and topics in a block of text.
  • Question/Answer Modeling: If a question has been answered successfully before, why spend extra time re-solving that issue? We can determine if a question reasonably similar to the one at hand has been asked and if a solution already exists in your records and pass that answer to your customer service representative.

Predictive Analytics

  • Time-Series Models (Forecasting): Past behavior is one of the best predictors of future behavior. We are experienced at building models that take into account numerous variables, of differing types, that can all affect the trend being investigated. Modeling the current and emerging trends in your data can help you understand both what is driving the patterns and how to plan for the future whether that means having the right inventory in stock, or more accurately meeting customer demands at minimal cost.
  • Enhancing Predictions: We deliver enhanced predictive capabilities using models like neural networks and statistical process modeling, among other methods. These statistical models can identify the principal components that affect your variable of interest, robustly identify anomalies, impute data, or even trace the path customers or items take through a system.
  • Exploiting Big Data: We have experience mining large data sets to help you recognize and exploit additional features, including variables whose involvement may not previously have been known, much less understood.
  • Recommendation Systems: We can help you to identify best-fit cross-selling opportunities based on historical information and customer profiles.  We can even identify emerging trends in your industry and can help your HR professionals to quickly sift through mounds of resumes to find candidates that best match the needs you articulate.
  • System Models: Some forecasts are not of a single data series but of an entire system. We can help you by applying statistical techniques to modeling your system and produce various predictions, such as which parts are likely to fail in a given time period and how to best address those failures.

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