Top Challenges

Software cycles must shorten in order to meet the changing needs of today’s digital-first consumer. With the ever-increasing number of market feedback loops that businesses can utilize to understand customer sentiment in real-time comes the need to provide application solutions in the shortest time possible. The speed at which your business can respond with digital solutions is critical to your survival.

Your list of pending projects from the various business units you support is a mile long giving way to departments going rogue. Stopping Shadow IT is now a priority and you are already stretched to the max. You need a way to design, build and deliver faster.


Excellence at Speed

The approach to technology initiatives has radically changed in recent years to focus on an organization’s ability to:

  • Integrate DevOps tools and techniques to create applications with continuous release cycles to decrease time-to-market
  • Design and build data warehouses, BI and analytics applications that allow business units to predict consumer behavior
  • Work from a bi-modal development framework to expedite modernization and new product development as you continue to support existing mission-critical applications

With increasing digitization and focus on the customer experience, the need for speed and agility is at an all-time high. The ability to deliver superior customer experiences that accelerate the business’ ability to sense and respond to the marketplace is a critical advantage. Time lost to moving and combining data from one application to the other, friction-filled user experiences for staff and customers, as well as disparate systems that do not talk with one another are areas that smart CIOs are targeting for rapid improvement.

The appetite for investing in tools and techniques that will allow the business to better serve the consumer and result in cost savings and top-line growth has never been higher. CEOs and business leaders are willing to invest resources to create impactful results—especially if it allows the business to go faster. The need for speed is paramount to success and the leading factor for finding a trusted technology partner.

Expeed Software has been trusted by enterprises for over 10 years to develop applications and integrations that eliminate inefficiencies, create connected data ecosystems with dashboards to provide actionable insights to the business units, and support organizations in their unique digital transformation journey.

You Need Expeed

Look to partner with us to help amplify your team’s capabilities and capacity. Whether you need external advice on a big data project, need an application developed or integrated, or are looking for one marketing technology partner to help your business thrive, Expeed is the answer. We offer three practices to provide your organization with everything you need to undertake digital transformation.

Our Core Areas



Look to Expeed when your organization needs a roadmap for digital transformation, outline improved customer experience journeys, redesign your enterprise architecture for increased efficiency or because you want to upgrade your martech stack.



Public and private cloud technologies have become commoditized infrastructure services. The challenge for every organization that is trying to digitally transform itself is being able to deliver applications at speed that meet the ever-increasing experience expectations of customers and employees. Our software development division includes UX/UI designers, solution architects, and application developers. Additionally, we have an R&D team that spends a significant amount of time exploring new technologies and processes such as DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment/Delivery. We invest in R&D to explore new technologies and architectural patterns so that we can apply our expertise to our clients’ business challenges and deliver quality applications at speed.



Data is the new currency and it is important to uncover new patterns and insights in a timely manner at the point of decision making. Leveraging advanced data analytics that fuse domain expertise and technological know-how is critical for digital transformation. You need a partner that can actually build out the structure to deliver these analytical capabilities to your decision makers to empower them to be self-sufficient. Our Data and Analytics team comprised of architects, data engineers, and data scientists can help you with data warehousing, data integration, business intelligence and data science activities.

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