Physicians report turnaround time (TAT) is increasingly important. Not only do patients and referring physicians want diagnostic information quickly, but efficient processing of imaging studies improves facility functionality.

Physicians are mandated by law to capture every potential problem they see, even those outside of their specialty, which can lead to longer TAT. Medical reports which provide quicker and more accurate diagnosis not only improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, but also lead to better things such as lower dosages, fewer return visits and tests, more accurate insurance reimbursement rates, and more.


  • Physicians have their workflow interrupted when unusual conditions are seen that may be ancillary to the primary condition. Ensuring mandated best practices increases TAT significantly, especially as these best practice recommendations are not static.
  • There was no way to confirm which physicians were compliant with the adopted best practices.

While ensuring protection of PHI and HIPAA compliance, our Director of Data Science lead the team that built a real-time natural language processing (NLP) algorithm to ingest and analyze dictated reports. This analysis extracted relevant measurements and descriptions from dictations based on a model trained on thousands of previous dictations. This ensured that the breadth and variety of language used by the population of Physicians was captured. This condition specific information was then sent to a decision tree based on the best practice recommendations generating a recommendation in milliseconds.

Use of this tool improved best practice compliance by roughly 40% in the initial test deployment compared with practices not using this solution. Additionally, physician efficiency was significantly increased.

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