Healthcare executives expect artificial intelligence to be among the most impactful technologies fueling innovation.

Are you crafting a strategy for emerging technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning?

If not, now is the time to invest and take a proactive role in developing new tools to improve patient care and revenue cycle management.

  • Expeed Software quickly helps identify your unique healthcare business needs and our team of critical thinkers will then provide a spot-on solution.
  • Expeed Software has advanced analytics and data science experience in the insurance, clinical, and reporting aspects of healthcare.
  • Expeed Software ensures your sensitive health records are safe, protecting your PHI and HIPA.We make certain you meet compliance requirements, while minimizing disruption to patient care.
Expeed Software provides solutions that deliver:
  • Error Reduction
    For workflows that require significant amounts of data transfer that can easily be miskeyed by humans making honest mistakes, Expeed Software can help with error reduction solutions.
  • Increased Speed
    Expeed Software gives you an advantage when it comes to speed. Human employees have natural interruptions in daily workflows. Expeed’s software solutions have the advantage of being able to work around the clock and complete workflows in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Staff Reallocation
    Expeed Software can help with reducing or consolidating large administrative workforces. With increased speed and accuracy, human employees may only be needed to handle a few edge cases per day, depending on the workflow being automated.
  • Improved Processes
    Expeed Software solutions have the ability to not only step in for repetitive clerical processes, but also provide recommendations for how to improve those processes. Expeed solutions could identify and report on common roadblocks and provide suggestions for improving the process for the future.
Improved Accuracy. Improved Efficiency. Improved Patient Care. Improved Revenue.

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