8 Keys to Digital Business Transformation_lead image
INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Keys to Digital Business Transformation
Once you’ve understood the importance of digital business and have decided to take action, it is essential to have clear
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Digital Business Transformation
8 Keys to Digital Business Transformation
We are in an era where the digital capabilities of your business, in addition to being excellent at your core
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Using Electron in Development: Our Verdict
Electron, an open-source framework, is a library that developers have had their eye on for quite some time. When it
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Sponsoring CIO Solution Gallery event
We are thrilled to be sponsoring CIO Solution Gallery event on September 5th and 6th in Columbus Ohio. CIO Solution Gallery is
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Honored to be part of NASA Scientific Review Panel
Expeed Software was delighted that its Director of Data Science, Dr. Kevin Croxall, was recently invited by NASA to participate
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Participation in Columbus Machine Learning Meetup
Expeeed Software’s Director of Data Science, Dr. Kevin Croxall, recently shared his thoughts on the intersection of Data Science and
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Women Using ThoughtSpot
Expeed Software Announces Partnership with ThoughtSpot
Expeed Software has partnered with the search & AI-driven analytics platform company, ThoughtSpot. Their SpotIQ product is designed to serve
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Expeed Helps with Data Analytics
Do You Have a Data Analytics Vision?
If you have a vision of how your data analytics should function, should drive business and should be valued, but
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Keys to Digital Business
We are in the era where your digital business capabilities, in addition to being excellent at your core product or
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Expeed Software Transforms Organizations through Technology
Time vs. Outcome in Building a Data Analytics Team
According to CIO.com, you need quite a few ingredients to build a successful data analytics team. Starting with the need
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