Test Automation Vs. Automated Testing: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?
You say to-mah-to, I say to-may-to. Can we call the whole thing off? Of course we can. Because no matter
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Yin yang of data science and IT
6 Ways Data Science and IT Developers Can Work in Tandem
Data science empowers software engineers and IT developers to extract meaningful insights from the processes and information they encounter during
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Storytelling with Data: Using Visualizations to Help Stakeholders Understand Data Findings
The job of the data scientist is to acquire data, clean it, analyze it, make sense of it, and most
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Disrupting the Cloud with Serverless
  Serverless may indeed be the new black. It made Gartner’s 2019 list for top 10 trends in Infrastructure and
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Leveraging the Full Potential of the Cloud Computing Model with Cloud-Native Development
  Cloud-native or cloud-hosted, that is the question. And depending on where you stand, cloud-native is either just the flavor
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How PWAs Can Disrupt the Native Mobile App Ecosystem
The increasing sophistication, functionality, and convenience of web apps have by and large relegated desktop applications to specialized functions. The question
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Analytics and Insight: Problem Solving & The Essence of Data Science
What is Data Science? What does a Data Scientist actually do? What do you look for in a Data Scientist?  Where did you
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What is DevOps and How Can it Benefit Your Organization?
Are you in sync with or ahead of the Digital Transformation curve? One of the main goals of Digital Transformation
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Qlik Image
Different Ways to Integrate Qlik Sense into Web Applications (A high-level overview)
  Currently, we live in a world dominated by multitude of devices including “Internet of Things” (IoT) which is contributing
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8 Keys to Digital Business Transformation_lead image
INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Keys to Digital Business Transformation
Once you’ve understood the importance of digital business and have decided to take action, it is essential to have clear
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