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In the busy world of business, there is one buzz word that sets all other keywords a quiver: Data Science. While the pedantic among you may say that data science is two words when placed adjacent to each other, they take on a mystique and nuance that neither word alone could ever conjure.

To help you understand this trending topic we have prepared a series of five lessons that layout the basic tools, techniques, and topics. Your guide to this fantastic journey into the unknown is Dr. Kevin Croxall, Director of Data Science at Expeed Software.

In the course, he will take you through the basics of data science and lay bare for you some of the principles and ideas employed in this field.


Lesson 1: What is Data Science?

Lesson 2: What Makes a Data Scientist?

Lesson 3: What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Lesson 4: How Machines Learn

Lesson 5: Data Science Saudade, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Data Science


Kevin Croxall is Director of Data Science for Expeed Software. He is a data and research scientist with more than a decade of comprehensive experience in data science project design and implementation. He has a broad range of experience in software development geared toward pipeline development, statistical analysis, and data visualization and presentation.

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